Hip Hop Family Tree is a creation of Ed Piskor, published in immaculate deadwood by Fantagraphics.

The creator of this page is just a guy who wanted to be able to see the links between folks more clearly and wondered when they came into the story. I checked my work a bit but errors may exist.

Mousing over a square reveals the individual and those who came before them. Clicking on that square takes you to their first appearance.

This would be vastly improved if images were greyscaled rather than fully obscured but futzing with someone else's art makes me uneasy, especially since I really like Ed's use of color.

If anyone has a line to Ed Piskor and could get his blessing on this... *snip*


update : Holy cats - found a message from Mr. Piskor in my inbox so fast it made my head spin.

What you've done is amazing. It would work better with the images in grayscale, and you absolutely have my blessing to tighten that up. Thanks a lot.

I'm on it. Updates to come.

UPDATE : version 2